New Teak Treat Product hits the Boat Store!

NEW Teak Treat is a wood treatment chemical designed to eradicate and prevent mould & algae growth on teak boat decks and any other teak wood exposed to the elements. Teak Treat will remove unsightly black mould spores and prevent regrowth.

Teak Treat will also significantly improve the general appearance of the teak giving a uniform and lighter colouring over time.

Can be used neat or diluted and brushed, wiped or rollered onto teak surfaces. For best results apply a second coat on a subsequent dry day up to 10 days later. By using this method, some customers have reported their decks to be maintained for up to two years. For general cleaning use our Two Part Teak Cleaner & Renovator products.

Coverage: Up to 5m² per litre depending on the condition of the teak wood to be treated.

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New Teak Treat