Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 72%

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser, great for use at home, work and on the go. Kills germs without drying out skin, over 72% alcohol content.



Kills Germs
Our Alcohol-based hand sanitiser contains over 72% alcohol and as such will kill germs, bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.

Our Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is based on the same formula as those used in hospitals all around the world, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and has a pH of 6.4 meaning it won’t damage skin and will keep your hands germ-free. This is particularly important to those working in medical settings where santising is required repeatedly throughout the day.

Sensitive-skin friendly
This formula has been tested on even the most sensitive skin, we’ve had reports from users who suffer from eczema that it’s been great for their hands and has helped to protect the skin and prevent cracking, drying and itching.

Available in a handy 250 ml for when you’re out and about and 5-litre bottle either for workstations or for topping up smaller bottles. We also sell a dispensing pump for the 5 litre container.

If you’re passing by us pop in and use our refill facility to top up your bottle whenever you like!

A great product for when you’re out and about, alcohol hand sanitiser is also great for use on-site where water may be limited or absent.
Where there is access to running water, our hand soaps are great for cleaning the skin without causing drying and cracking, particularly our Gentle Hand Wash.

Full SDS data is available below.


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