Spring Bundle

Our Spring Bundle is here to make cleaning easier! From surface cleaners to Bilge Cleaners, we have everything you need to get your vessel clean, shiny and smelling-fresh before you set off on your next trip.

From ensuring your diesel stays clean and free from sludge build-ups, to keeping green mould at bay inside and out, just select at least 3 of the products below to add to your bundle and save up to 15% on your entire order!

  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • Bilge Cleaner
  • Boat Wash
  • Canopy Cleaner
  • D-Bug
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Odour Eliminator
  • Plastic Cleaner
  • Propeller Cleaner
  • Sail Cleaner
  • Waterless Wash

From: £24.62

Bilge Cleaner

Our Bilge Cleaner effectively and safely removes scale, mould, grime and also removes odours from bilges, pipes and lockers on boats and yachts.


Bathroom Cleaner

Multi-purpose bathroom cleaner, the perfect solution for cleaning all areas of your bathroom.  Use in caravans, motorhomes, boats and at home to leave your bathroom fresh and clean.

Cleans, descales and breaks down greases and soap deposits on all hard surfaces using naturally occurring, 100% biodegradable ingredients.

D-bug - 500 ml

D-bug is a multi-function fuel additive for diesel engines which has been designed specifically for marine craft, boats & yachts and effectively reduces noise, smoke and emissions, prevents contamination from yeasts and bacteria and can also be used to decontaminate fuel.

If you'd like to read a bit more about the technical aspects of D-Bug, please read our blog post by clicking here.

Glass Cleaner

Our Premium Grade Glass Cleaner has been specifically designed to leave glass clean and sparkling on all boats, yachts, other vehicles and any windows anywhere!

Leaves glass crystal clear and smear-free without the elbow grease.

Great for use on windows, spectacles, stainless steel and much more.



Odour Eliminator

Odour eliminator is a great product for covering and removing offensive odours completely naturally’
It works by breaking down the cause of the odour using bacteria and removing it's source safely and in an entirely environmentally-friendly way.


Plastic Cleaner

Our Plastic Cleaner is the perfect solution for quickly cleaning all plastic trim on boats, yachts and other vehicle types.

No need for water, simply spray on and wipe with a microfibre cloth to leave surfaces clean, shiny and protected.

  • Silicone free
  • No china clay
  • Leaves surfaces protected
  • No need for water

Waterless Wash

  • Protects surfaces from scratches whilst cleaning.
  • Leaves a protective, water-beading layer on paintwork.
  • Free from silicone and china clay.
  • Simply spray and wipe clean with no need to add water.
  • Great on paintwork, plastic and glass (do not use on windscreens).


Boat Wash

Boat Wash is the perfect solution for cleaning fibreglass hulls on boats and yachts. It effectively removes dirt, grime and grease leaving your hull clean and shining.

Great for use on non-slip decks, metal parts and railings, and teak decks, Boat Wash is highly concentrated, as little as 20 ml into a bucket of water will do an excellent job of cleaning down hulls and leaving them shiny and streak-free.

Boat Wash can also be used as a spot-on spray for quickly removing marks, stains and even birdlime.


Canopy Cleaner

Canopy Cleaner & Protector has a special formula designed specifically for cleaning boat and yacht canopies and covers. It not only effectively cleans canopies but leaves a protective film making future cleaning even easier!

Propeller Cleaner

Our superb Propeller Cleaner is highly effective at cleaning propeller blades, shafts and casings. Save time by simply brushing on, leaving for 5-10 minutes and rinsing off - no hard scrubbing!


Sail Cleaner

Our sail cleaner has been designed specifically for cleaning boat, yacht & dinghy sails. Simply spray and wipe to remove dirt, grime, grease and traffic film.

Our Spring Bundle can help get you ready for your adventure! Make your spring a little easier with our fast-acting, easy to use cleaners and get your vessel ship-shape and ready. Whether your vessel has been out of the water for the winter or you just want to give it a refresh when winter has finally let go, start off your next trip with a clean and fresh-smelling vessel.

For internal cleaning we have our excellent, eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaner which works brilliantly on toilets, sinks, flooring and anywhere there might be a build up of scale and fats and Odour Eliminator to destroy nasty smells using natural biological activity.
We have also included our Waterless Wash, Plastic Cleaner and Glass Cleaner, all of which are non-rinse formulas (no water required) for bringing all surfaces up to a sparkling shine and our Bilge Cleaner which uses the same technology and the Bathroom Cleaner and Odour Eliminator to keep bilges clean and odour free without harming any surfaces or materials.

Don’t forget our fabulous D-Bug diesel bug killer and engine maintenance fluid, it helps reduce smoking, improves fuel efficiency and stops the growth of the diesel bug in tanks.

For External jobs we’ve included our incredibly popular Canopy Cleaner and Protector which offers long-lasting protection against the elements. You’ll also find our Boat Wash, Propeller Cleaner and Sail Cleaner in the bundle, all really excellent products which do exactly what their names suggest!
If you click on to the Propeller Cleaner page you’ll find a video showing how well it works.

If you want to read a little more about each product, simply click on the blue square next to the product name, this will take you to the product page where you can find more information, Technical Data sheet, SDS and more.

So pick a minimum of 3 products to start your spring bundle and get some fantastic cleaning products to help make those jobs easier!

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