Teak Treat (boraquat)

Teak Treat is a clever wood treatment chemical designed to both eradicate and then prevent mould and algae growth on teak boat decks. It’s also works on effectively cleaning and restoring all other teak surfaces including garden decking and garden furniture.



Our Teak Treat is a dual treatment that has been designed to both get rid of mould and algae growth and then also protect the treat from regrowth. Teak Treat will also significantly improve the appearance of the teak, whether boat decks, garden decking or garden furniture, giving a more uniform and lighter colour over time. It is also incredibly effective on paving slabs, concrete, brickwork and fences, simply follow the instructions as you would for using on teak decking.

Its very easy to use, either neat or diluted, by brushing, wiping or rollering onto surfaces and then leave it to work, no scrubbing, wiping or rinsing required. It is a perfect solution for over-wintering as it is effective at preserving the appearance of the wood and preventing greening.

It works well with our Teak Cleaner and Renovator for a complete teak solution.

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Teak Treat. And what a treat it was to use this product! The Wessex products we have used on and in our motor home have also worked well in our domestic setting, so when faced with a recurring black spot patch on our en-suite bathroom we went to them for help and advice on a suitable product to use. Once our problem was described, Teak Treat was suggested, it is simple to use and has completely cleaned off the nasty black patch on our ceiling, much to the pleasure of my husband who now thinks he doesn't needed to redecorate as we had previously discussed! But I just want to say while the offending patch now looks great, I am still bored with the colour, so it’s back to choosing the emulsion after all, we now have the assurance that we can decorate over 'Teak Treat' which prevents regrowth of the mould, so at least the hours spent on redecoration won't be wasted David!

Jane Purdue - Customer

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