Wessex Teak Treat

This week’s blog is all about Wessex Teak Treat, a product that can be overlooked! A lot of people know about our World-Famous Two-Part Teak Cleaning Programme, starting first with Wessex Teak Cleaner to clean teak and then using Wessex Teak Renovator to bring back the original colour of the wood, but most people don’t know that we make a third, complementary product, Wessex Teak Treat.

Teak Treat can be used to eradicate and then prevent mould and algae growth on teak boat decks and teak garden furniture.

We recommend that you dilute Teak Treat: between 1 and 3 parts Teak Treat to 3 parts water. The solution should then be liberally applied, using a paint brush or sponge (please wear protective gloves and eye protection*) to the teak deck or furniture and left to dry in the sun. It doesn’t need to be washed off and there is no need for scrubbing, but it can take a few weeks before you see the full effect.  Remember Teak Treat offers protection from further re-growth so your teak should remain that way for longer

So, you won’t see an immediate improvement but over time you should see a general lightening of the teak and mould, algae and algae spots should disappear.  If your teak wood is particularly stained then it is worth treating again, ten days after your initial treatment. Some of our customers have reported that their decks and furniture were maintained for up to 2 years!

What is even better news is that Teak Treat can also be used to treat mould and algae growth on paving slabs, concrete, brickwork and fences. Just follow the instructions for use on teak decking and watch it work its magic!

If you want to find our more then just click on the link below!

Teak Treat (boraquat) – Wessex Boat Store

*Please read the Technical Data Sheet in full before using any of our products. These can be found on the website.

Teak Treat comes in a 1 Lt bottle or why not buy a 3.25 Lt refill?
Teak Treat can be used after our World-Famous two step Teak Cleaning process, to eradicate and prevent mould and algae growth