This week’s blog is about one of our newer products – D-Bug.  It is a fuel additive for all types of diesel engines and reduces noise, smoke and emissions.

It was originally designed for marine craft, boats and yachts but can be used effectively in other types of diesel engines like cars. D-Bug is so effective because it contains an ingredient, Grotmar 71, that prevents contamination of diesel fuels and can also be used to decontaminate diesel fuels.

D-Bug available in 500ml dosing bottle

You might be asking yourself why use D-Bug? Well, contamination of diesel fuels can cause power loss and fuel wastage not to mention smoke, increased emissions and noise! Removing contamination will improve starting and minimises fuel wastage due to injector fouling. Not only that but it will dissolve and disperse insoluble gums and other semi-solid compounds that can be found in some fuels which can have detrimental effects on pumps and nozzles.

You may also be aware that fuel in storage has a tendency to oxidise and form harmful sludges, well, dosing with D-Bug will reduce this. As a result, it is suitable for de-fouling heavily contaminated fuel storage tanks.  Not only that but D-Bug can help prevent corrosion and rust in storage tanks and pipelines, which will reduce the chances of filters becoming blocked.

If you are transferring fuel, foaming can be a problem and really slow the process down so its good to know that D-Bug reduces foaming too.

D-Bug is soluble in both diesel fuel and water so it can effectively kill a board spectrum of bacteria (including Sulphate reducing), yeasts and fungi.

It is available in 500ml dosing bottles and 5 litres refill (on request). We recommend that you use one part D-Bug to 400 parts of fuel, for normal operations. If you need an initial ‘clean-up’ dose, then we recommend a stronger concentration of up to 1 to 200. If you are expecting a fuel tank delivery it is best to dose the tank with the recommended dose first and then fill the tank.

So why not give it a try? If you have any questions please contact our Technical Team on 01202 823699 or for further information check out our website.

As with all our products we recommend that you read the relevant Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data sheet before use. These can be found on our website: D-bug – 500 ml – Wessex Boat Store

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