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  1. Wessex Propeller Cleaner

    This week’s blog is all about our popular Propeller Cleaner. Our Wessex Propeller Cleaner is one of our top sellers and for good reason! It is a new acid-based formulation which is different from many more traditional, Hydrochloric acid based, propeller cleaners. This new formulation means that it won’t fume…

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  2. D-Bug

    This week’s blog is about one of our newer products – D-Bug.  It is a fuel additive for all types of diesel engines and reduces noise, smoke and emissions. It was originally designed for marine craft, boats and yachts but can be used effectively in other types of diesel engines…

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  3. proflush

    Proflush Marine Engine Descaler

    This week’s blog is all about our new product – Proflush Marine Engine Descaler. Since it’s a new product we decided to speak to Mike Borowski, our Managing Director, and chemistry whizz to find out more about it. The rest of the blog is a transcript of our interview So,…

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  4. Wessex Teak Treat

    This week’s blog is all about Wessex Teak Treat, a product that can be overlooked! A lot of people know about our World-Famous Two-Part Teak Cleaning Programme, starting first with Wessex Teak Cleaner to clean teak and then using Wessex Teak Renovator to bring back the original colour of the…

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  5. Until next time, Crick Boat Show!

    We had a great time at Crick Boat Show 2021 and can’t wait till next year, which looks to be 2nd – 5th June 2022. Ben, our Sales and Technical Manager was our lead at Crick, and now he is back from some well-earned time off, we have had the…

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  6. boat_wash_100ml

    Wessex Boat Store special offer on Boat Wash!

    Welcome to our Boat Store Blog! We plan to blog each week about a new subject, highlighting new products and keeping you up to date with all things Boat Store related! This week’s blog is about one our most popular products – Wessex Boat Wash (also known as Marine 100)….

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  7. Crick Boat Show here we come!

    After a very strange 18 months of cancelled and postponed shows and events, we’re finally heading to The Crick Boat Show in Northampton for the first time, and we can’t wait! Crick is Britain’s Biggest Inland Waterways Festival running from Friday 20th August to Sunday 22nd August 2021 at Crick…

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  8. cleaners_sanitisers

    Cleaners and Sanitisers

    Cleaners and Sanitisers have been in high demand all over the world since the start of the pandemic, we’ve tried to ensure we stick to a fair price and our products are always produced to the highest quality. The Hand Sanitiser that we make contains a minimum of 72% alcohol…

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  9. gift_bags

    Gift bags Now Available!

    We’ve put together these little eco-friendly gift bags, great little stocking fillers, add ons or just to keep for yourself! All the bottles are refillable so you can just top up from a larger bottle whenever you’re running low.The Glass Cleaner and Waterless Wash are very popular in 100ml bottles…

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  10. Come and meet our Caravan Store!

    We’re very excited to announce that the brand new Wessex Caravan Store is now open! Please pop over and visit, to take advantage of our special launch offers!