1. New bottle for Propeller Cleaner!

    You may notice a change when you go to order our propeller cleaner! After some feedback from our customers about the amount needed to clean a propeller, we decided to move from a 750ml bottle to a 1 litre bottle….and currently the price remains the same! So you get 1…

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  2. Low Foam Deck Wash

    This month’s blog is all about our popular Low Foam Deck Wash! Our Low Foam Deck Wash is a high concentrated, environmentally friendly deck wash that is perfect for big boats and small ones! Our team at Wessex Chemicals were tasked with creating an effective deck wash that was also…

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  3. Sail Cleaner

    This month’s blog is all about our fabulous Sail Cleaner! Our Sail Cleaner is quick and effective at cleaning boat, yacht and dinghy sails. It removes general dirt, grime, grease, traffic/pollution film and mould from sail material and is safe on sail stitching and other sail materials. It also has…

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  4. Wessex Bathroom Cleaner

    This month’s blog is all about our fabulous Wessex Bathroom Cleaner If you want an effective bathroom cleaner that is environmentally friendly, then look no further! Wessex Bathroom Cleaner is safe to use on any surface not harmed by water and will effectively clean plastics, stainless steel, chrome, laminates, tiles,…

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  5. Wessex Waterless Wash

    This month’s blog is all about our brilliant Waterless Wash! It’s easy to use on paintwork, worktops, UPVC, dashboard and glasswork, inside and outside of your boat, simply spray on and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. It is even safe to use on phone and tablet screens! As the…

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  6. Wessex Hull and Waterline Cleaner

    This month’s blog is all about our fantastic Hull and Waterline Cleaner! Wessex Hull and Waterline Cleaner was created when we were asked if we could make an effective non-fuming cleaner for boat hulls. Most traditional hull cleaners contain acids which release noxious fumes and make them unpleasant (and potentially…

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  7. Wessex Canopy Cleaner & Protector

    This month’s blog is all about out fabulous Wessex Canopy Cleaner and Protector! It is a specially designed formula to effective clean boat and yacht canopies and covers. It will clean off mould, dirt, grease, oil, bird lime and more! Wessex Canopy Cleaner and Protector is so easy to use….

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  8. Wessex Bilge Cleaner!

    This month our product spotlight is on our popular Wessex Bilge Cleaner.  If you own a boat, you know that bilges often smell bad, with the combination of sitting water and organic matter, it is a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria, mildew and mould which causes the bad…

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  9. Wessex Hull White

    This week’s blog is all about our amazing Hull White! Wessex Hull White is a gel formula designed to effectively remove yellow/brown stains from fibreglass hulls, leaving them clean and bright and ready for a polish! Our innovative hull white is a superb replacement for oxalic acid, which has been…

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  10. Wessex Propeller Cleaner

    This week’s blog is all about our popular Propeller Cleaner. Our Wessex Propeller Cleaner is one of our top sellers and for good reason! It is a new acid-based formulation which is different from many more traditional, Hydrochloric acid based, propeller cleaners. This new formulation means that it won’t fume…

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