Purchased to free off seized components – great product! We use other Wessex products in our Marine trade and again, great products!



    5 star rating, Trustpilot



    West Marine – R500

  2. There was plenty of information about the product it was easy to order and it was delivered before the promised date.

    5 star Trustpilot review

    J. Collins – Blue Bio

  3. Fantastic! Great advice over the phone as a new customer, ordering online was easy and the toilet products (Blue Bio) couldn’t be better. I will be a long term return customer for sure.

    Russell – Blue Bio

  4. Great pouring/measurement system. This will easily do a full season of travelling and its environmentally friendly. Initial cost may seem a little high to some but if you break it down its 73p a week assuming it will last a full year (Blue Bio refill 3.25 litre + 500ml dispensing bottle) and I’m fairly confident it will.

    5 star Trustpilot review

    Wavey Davey – Blue Bio

  5. There is a lot of these so called concrete removers on the market (Tried loads) & this one performs very well. – D. Hindmarch  22.12.2022

    D. Hindmarch – Concrete Remover

  6. This is my second order, great to keep the motorhome clean.

    Ian Brown – Waterless Wash 750 ml

  7. Very easy to use, with great results

    Ian Brown – Canopy Cleaner

  8. Teak Treat.

    And what a treat it was to use this product! The Wessex products we have used on and in our motor home have also worked well in our domestic setting, so when faced with a recurring black spot patch on our en-suite bathroom we went to them for help and advice on a suitable product to use.

    Once our problem was described, Teak Treat was suggested, it is simple to use and has completely cleaned off the nasty black patch on our ceiling, much to the pleasure of my husband who now thinks he doesn’t needed to redecorate as we had previously discussed! But I just want to say while the offending patch now looks great, I am still bored with the colour, so it’s back to choosing the emulsion after all, we now have the assurance that we can decorate over ‘Teak Treat’ which prevents regrowth of the mould, so at least the hours spent on redecoration won’t be wasted David!

    Teak Treat – Jane Purdue

  9. As a jeweller i was looking for an ethical heavy-duty hand cleaner that would remove the stubborn polishing compound from my hands, but didn’t contain polybeads. This pumice scrub is a brilliant product that works effectively, has a pleasant fragrance and does not irritate my sensitive skin. It is kind to the enviroment too, so no more guilt about washing chemicals and plastic beads down the sink! I have found it great for other applications too, such as washing off paint or anything greasy. I will be buying more!

    Clare Gardner – Lovesong Jewellery


    Available to buy here

    Clare Gardner – Pumice Hand Scrub

  10. I love my garden but hate wearing gloves. I spend hours out there which means I always come in with ingrained dirt on my hands and under my nails….not a  look good when you are about to cook supper!

    But no longer, since I was given a sample of Wessex Pumice hand scrub. It is fantastic and you don’t even need water to rinse it off, very handy when pumping up the tyres of Nigel our motor home (which we originally wanted it for). With summer coming and wearing flip flops it also stops your feet looking awful and we have all had cracked and dirty heels. But no longer, I rubbed some hand scrub into the back of my heels and hey presto… clean and moisturised heels!

    We have now bought a 5 litre bottle to decant some and can use it home and away. Just to top it off the product is very kind to my hands the moisturising element stops my hands drying up and is so much better than other gardening products I have used.

    So a great product which does what is says on the bottle… and saved me from a potentially embarrassing time recently when I was upcycling some wooden garden furniture.

    My history of not wearing protective gloves has already been described… so there I am admiring my newly painted chairs and with hands covered in lilac paint… ‘is the turps in the garage David’?

    David looked  at me laughed and said’ no we have run out’ …great I said, with a Paddington Bear stare… what am I supposed to do then? Try wearing gloves was the reply…. Helpful I thought. So I headed into the utility room to try and wash it off when I spotted the Pumice hand scrub and started to use it not knowing that it worked on paint as well… Woo Hoo

    Never mind the benefits to the Marine Industry… here is one lady gardener and Motor home driver/general dogsbody and up cycler that won’t be without this product home or away anytime soon and will save money and space by not having to buy several other products to do the jobs

    Jane Purdue


    Available to buy here

    Jane Purdue – Pumice Hand Scrub

  11. At Flexisail we maintained our fleet of boats to a very high standard. Wessex Teak Renovator and Cleaner was our ‘go to product’ which enabled us to keep the teak decking and rails looking like new. With a fleet of 18 boats, that’s a lot of teak to keep looking lovely!


    Paul Joynson, Flexisail – Teak Cleaner & Renovator

  12. Lakeland Valeting highly recommend Wessex Teak Cleaner and Renovator. For great looking Teak and easy application there’s only one choice.


    Charles McPhee, owner of Lakeland Valeting – Teak Cleaner & Renovator

  13. “The Caravan looks better than the day we bought it.”

    Full review

    Deb Ludford, InPursuitOfADream blog – Waterless Wash

  14. Do not know if it will totally remove the oil stains but I would try Wessex chemicals 2-part teak cleaner. It transformed the teak bathing platform of my boat that had been neglected for years. Truly amazing how much filth it removed. Leaves it that rich amber colour.

    Eddie, YBW Yacht & Boating World Forum

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