Introducing our new Wessex Teak Sealer!

Ever since we launched our popular Teak Cleaner and Teak Renovator range we have been asked when we are going to produce a teak sealer. It has taken many years of research to find a recipe that we are completely happy with, that does the job well and meets our customer’s requirements for sustainability and low environmental impact.

Teak Sealer with Brush

Wessex Teak Sealer is an emulsion-based sealer that brings out the natural colour of the wood whilst protecting it from the elements, including dirt, mould and even UV-rays. In line with our environmental aims, it is made from sustainable materials, is VOC free and comes in fully recyclable packaging. It is available in 500ml or 1 litre tins with a coverage of approximately 4 metres squared per litre.

We have tested Wessex Teak Sealer on a range of teak surfaces including a bathing platform on an active boat and well used garden furniture and the results have been excellent! On a piece of teak on a south facing wall it has lasted 18 months (so far!) and 12 months on the bathing platform. Of course testing is ongoing but we are sure you will agree that these are fantastic results.

Not only is Wessex Teak Sealer an amazing product but its a welcome addition to our Teak Care Programme of Wessex Teak Cleaner and Wessex Teak Renovator. And you can see the results for yourself below:

Wessex Teak Sealer is colour free and so it won’t change the natural colour of the wood but instead it highlights and enhances the grain, allowing the wood to look its best for longer.

Its also so easy to use – just follow the instructions for cleaning with Wessex Teak Cleaner and Wessex Teak Renovator, stir the tin, apply with a brush and let it dry for one hour and then you are all set!

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Teak Sealer with Brush
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