Brand new Clear Blue Bio toilet fluid

Find out how and why we created the new Clear Blue Bio toilet fluid which is suitable for all boats, caravans and motorhomes.

Linda French from Ownasharecruising Ltd has been using our Blue Bio fluid for many years for the toilet tanks of all the narrowboats they manage. Blue Bio is popular with all boat owners and users she works with and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the eco-friendly and economical toilet fluid. One area that she did pick up on was that the blue colour of Blue Bio occasionally left a blue residue on woodwork and flooring and so Linda contacted us to ask if it would be possible to create a ‘clear’ version of the fluid.

We are delighted to say that we took on board this valuable feedback and can announce that we have created a new version of Blue Bio that is indeed ‘clear’! Linda has been testing our new Clear Bio Blue product and has found it to be the perfect, now improved, product for use in toilet tanks within all their boats. Linda told us “all boats that we have trialled this new Clear Blue Bio in have reported that it successfully cleans the toilet as well as getting rid of all bad odours, and the improved fragrance of the fluid has been very well received”. She highlighted that the improvement of adding citric acid to the formula prolongs the life of the seal in the toilet as it doesn’t scale up as quickly and she also said it is very rare that you need to do anything more to look after the toilet tank. Linda feels that one of the main benefits of Clear Blue Bio (and Blue Bio before it) is that it can also be used to clean the toilet bowl itself and this multi-purpose function is very valuable when you are restricted as to which products you can use for cleaning this.

Linda told us “In a time where we are all more focussed on making sure out actions are environmentally friendly, Clear Blue Bio is the perfect product to use on all narrowboats and canal boats. We know it contains no nasty chemicals so there are also no concerns for our health too. Clear Blue Bio is a product we highly recommend for treating toilet tanks in all boats”.

Clear Blue Bio is now available to buy in a 1 litre size for £12.99

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