New Low Foam Deck Wash – Interview with creator Mike Borowski

With the launch of our brand new Low Foam Deck Wash we decided to sit down with Mike Borowski, Head of Wessex Chemical Factors to find out a bit more about this product.

So Mike, tell us more about how and why the Low Foam Deck Wash was created?

Low Foam Deck Wash came about due to a specific request from a company that we work with who wanted a product that would effectively clean safety flooring on large working ships. It also had to meet stringently high environmental criteria and not effect grey or black water tanks on the ships. We were provided with a long list of ingredients that would not be permitted due to the potential harm to personnel and the environment.

The next stage was for me to consider this list and the requirements I began to work on the formula considering ingredients that are already used in the cosmetic industry as they have been rigorously tested previously. I created a formula that was then tested by the company and found to work well at removing ground in dirt from safety floors but the company wanted to reduce the level of some hazards. To solve this the product was then diluted another 25% with water which was tested and found to be as effective but with hazards of use at a very acceptable level.

What does Low Foam Deck wash do and what can it be used for?

Low Foam Deck wash can be used on any surface that is not harmed by water and once it is hosed off, it leaves behind a non-slip surface. It works through layers of dirt and metal ions sat in grease on a surface. It is safe for grey and white water tanks and can be used when the vessel is in and out of the water. It cleans decks and fittings and is very effective on aluminium and alloy trims.

What is special about this product? What makes it stand out from other products on the market?

The use of environmentally friendly ingredients make it stand out from other products. As the ingredients are also used by the cosmetic industry they are safe to use and have not been tested on animals, just humans. It effectively penetrates grease and grime on a range of surfaces including safety floors, removing contaminants such as hydraulic oils, waxes and oils. The solvency power of the product is such that it can remove certain teak deck sealers (such as Semco) as well as polish residues from fibre glass boats. As it is supplied in a highly concentrated formula it gives good value for money to our customers who pay less for shipping and dilute the product at source. This, of course also reduces the carbon footprint of the product.

So, lets get a bit technical for a moment – tell us a bit about the chemistry behind it

Some of the cosmetic ingredients are safe but ineffective so it took some time to find a combination that worked well but also met the exacting standards required for safety. Many of our products combine the need for environmentally friendly products with effectiveness so we have experience in this area. We have undertaken three years of empirical research looking at environmental safe ingredients that can be combine to become a range of effective products.

What else can the product be used for, both now and in the future?

Low foam deck wash has been used to effectively clean caravans and decking in gardens and one of our customers uses the product to clean engineering machines. They found it to be effective at safely removing contaminants from painted surfaces with no damage to the paint and leaving a clean surface behind. There may well be a range of other uses for this product which we will continue to test and to respond to feedback from our customers who will often try using our products on different surfaces to see if they will work!

Low Foam Deck wash is available now in a 3.25 litre size for £29.99

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