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This week’s blog is all about our new product – Proflush Marine Engine Descaler. Since it’s a new product we decided to speak to Mike Borowski, our Managing Director, and chemistry whizz to find out more about it. The rest of the blog is a transcript of our interview

So, Mike, can you tell us what Proflush is?

Proflush is a synergistic blend of ingredients that removes scale, light rust, crustaceans, salt deposits and magnetite from inside marine engines.

Why do people need a product like Proflush?

Well, marine engines have problems with sea water, scale, crustaceans, light rust, magnetite and salt in pipework. This can all build up and restricts the flow through the pipes, particularly when it comes to the small sea creatures as in some cases they can actually grow in the pipework!

As the pipework becomes restricted it reduces the flow and causes engines to be less efficient, ultimately the engine can overheat.

Proflush can be used, in larger vessels, to clean restrictions from the pipework in the head, as it will also remove uric acid deposits. Also on larger vessels, it can be used to treat sewage pipes that go into the black water thank as it will de-scale and de-sludge those pipes too.

What is different about Proflush in comparison to more traditional marine engine descalers?

Proflush contains an inhibitor which prevents zincification and pinking of brass and bronze components. It also contains an indicator. The indicator changes colour to show that the product is exhausted and more Proflush needs to be added.

How does the indicator work?

To use Proflush you need to set up a circulatory system using a reservoir and a small pump. Once this is set up you need to add Proflush to the sump. The product is red but as it is working it turns orange. You will also see some effervescence. You need to keep adding Proflush, slowly in increments, until the return flow turns back to red which indicates that it has run out of material (scale/salt deposits/crustaceans) to react with.

How well does Proflush work?

Proflush will remove 1.09Kg of calcium/scale equivalent per litre of product used. This means that it is much more efficient than more traditional products and therefore much more cost effective. So not only is it more effective (the removal rate is much higher) but it also costs less per litre than more traditional products.

Is there anything else you can tell us about Proflush?

For a marine engine descaler it has a low hazardous rating. It can be easily neutralised with either sodium bicarbonate or soda ash.

It can be used on heat exchangers and air conditioning units, basically anything that suffers from pipework restrictions due to sucking up sea water.

Proflush Marine Engine Descaler can be purchased from the website. It is available in 1Lt and 5lt. You can find more information about Proflush and the Technical and Safety Data Sheets please visit the page on this website:

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