Until next time, Crick Boat Show!

We had a great time at Crick Boat Show 2021 and can’t wait till next year, which looks to be 2nd – 5th June 2022. Ben, our Sales and Technical Manager was our lead at Crick, and now he is back from some well-earned time off, we have had the opportunity to find out how it went!

Our Junior Helpers need to grow a bit taller to see over our stand!

Ben and his family had an excellent time at the show, meeting up with old customers and meeting some new ones too! As we are a Family run business it seemed only right that we get the youngest members involved as early as possible. Tom, Jake, Finn, and Megan had their first show experience and were ‘employed’ as Junior Helpers and even earnt some pocket money! When they weren’t chatting to customers, they were busy drawing and inspired by one of our products, Blue and Clear Bio, they came up with the character of ‘The Amazing Toilet Man’! As you can see from the photos!

Blue and Clear Bio, our environmentally friendly toilet fluid, is very popular with our customers. You may not know, but the clear version came about after feedback from our Narrowboat customers.  Whilst the dye in Blue Bio is food-grade and washable, it can cause staining on woodwork in narrowboats. As a result, we worked on adapting the formula and Clear Bio was born! Clear Bio has all the environmentally friendly credentials and effective powers as Blue Bio but without the dye.

From feedback at the show, we know that many of our Narrowboat customers are fed up with more traditional toilet fluids that contain harmful chemicals and come with a harsh chemical smell, that can hang around for some time. Blue and Clear Bio does have a perfume, but it is natural and 100% biodegradable. These products contain no harsh chemicals but instead harness the power of nature, to use harmless bacteria to actually break down the waste, whereas the traditional toilet fluids use biocides to halt degradation.

blue bio clear

As the harsh chemicals get spent in traditional toilet fluids, the smells return and so you need to continually re-dose your tank. Whereas because Blue and Clear Bio break down the waste removing the smell, and also will continue to work as long as there is waste to work through, meaning that you won’t need to re-dose your tank as frequently.

Ben said one of our biggest sellers this year was Wessex Canopy Cleaner. Originally designed for canopies on yachts it seems it is just as popular with our Narrowboat customers.  Not only does it clean off mould, dirt, grime, grease, and oil from canopies it has also been designed to leaving a protective film to make future cleaning even easier, combat regrowth and prevent UV fading. For best results with Canopy Cleaner, spray on to the canopy and work in with a microfibre cloth. Leave it for a few minutes and then using a clean cloth buff off.

Customers who brought Wessex Canopy Cleaner also asked if we make a water proofer for canopies and currently, we don’t. However, the ethos of our company is to work with our customers to find solutions when they present us with new problems. So, we have set our small R & D team, including our new Chemist, to start looking if this is a product we can design.

We also sold more of our refill bottles this year, which is great news. We created our refill range to try and reduce our use of virgin plastic and to allow our customers to re-use their spray and dosing bottles which in return reduces plastic waste. We are currently looking at options for 100% recycled bottles for a range of our products so watch this space for updates!

We had a great time at Crick Boat Show and are looking forward to next year. We only take a limited range of our products with us so if there is something you would like to see at the next show let us know! See you next year!

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