Ferricon Primer

Ferricon Primer stops rust spreading and converts it into an inert surface, primed and ready for painting.

  • Easy to use – simply paint on and leave
  • Converts rust to a surface ready for painting
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Professional and home uses


Ferricon Primer is a water-based rust converting liquid, simply paint on to rusted metal to stop rust in its tracks.

When applied to rusted metal, this milky white latex coating stops further rusting, converts the rust into a blue-black metallo-organic complex and forms a protective film. This film offers protection against water vapour and oxygen and leaves the surface primed and ready to paint.

Great for indoor and outdoor use in many situations, It is often used on vintage cars and steam trains, whether professionally or as a hobby, it helps protect ageing metal surfaces, lengthening their life-span.

For best results, brush off any loose particles of rust and metal, preferably with wire wool, leaving the surface clear of debris. Wash the surface down with water to remove any soluble salts from the surface. Before treatment it’s best to have a surface which is as clean as possible with no other residues left behind.
Pour a small amount of product in to a container and, using a clean brush apply Ferricon Primer to the surface and leave to dry.

Note: Please do not dip the brush into the bottle as this could contaminate the container with rust which will cause a reaction and make the entire bottle inert and ineffective.

For further information including usage instructions, please see the technical data below.


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