Teak Twin Pack

Wessex Teak Cleaner and Renovator, but both together as a twin pack and save money.

Teak Cleaner removes dirt and stains from your teak, lifting them right out of the grain. Next use the Teak Renovator to neautralise the Cleaner and restore natural colour to your beautiful teak!


If you’re looking to protect your teak afterwards, have a look at out Teak Care Bundle for long lasting protection without discolouration.


Wessex Teak Twin Pack brings our brilliant Teak Clean and Teak Renovator together at a discounted price.

Wessex Teak Cleaner. (part 1) is designed to take away the natural silver colour teak turns over time, and bring it back to the colour it was when new (a straw colour). When using the Wessex Teak Cleaner for the first time, you will notice it making the teak wood go dark brown in colour. As you apply it with a sponge or brush you will also notice the dirt and muck coming off. When you have finished applying Teak Cleaner and begin to rinse off with water, you will see dirty brown water running off the teak. You will literally see the dirt being removed!


Wessex Teak Renovator (part ), sometimes referred to as a teak brightener is designed to restore the colour so it looks like new teak again. As soon as you apply Teak Renovator, the teak will lighten to a lovely uniform amber colour and eventually dry to a straw colour, just like new teak. No patchy areas, just some teak to be proud of again!


When you buy the Wessex Teak Twin pack, you not only get 2 excellent products which will take the hard work out of caring for you teak, you’ll also save money by buying both together!

Now you can prolong the appearance of your beautifully clean deck with our Teak Sealer, visit the product page for more information or have a look at our Teak Bundles and grab a bargain!



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