Bathroom Cleaner

Multi-purpose bathroom cleaner, the perfect solution for cleaning all areas of your bathroom.  Use in caravans, motorhomes, boats and at home to leave your bathroom fresh and clean.

Cleans, descales and breaks down greases and soap deposits on all hard surfaces using naturally occurring, 100% biodegradable ingredients.


Our brilliant, multi-purpose bathroom cleaner cleans and removes dirt, grime, grease, mould and limescale from all hard surfaces in bathrooms.
It’s a completely biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and non-toxic product which uses natural ingredients to break down scale and scum leaving a brilliant shine on baths, sinks, shower screens, mirrors, chrome surface and more.
The special formula contains Citric Acid, a substance that is nature’s own weapon against viruses and harmful bacteria, Citric Acid has long been the natural virus killer of choice, widely used during the foot and mouth outbreak to decontaminate livestock and their surrounding environs.
Bathroom Cleaner also contains specially developed friendly bacteria that breakdown and consume fat and grease, not only helping to remove them from hard surfaces when cleaning, but also helping to prevent blockages caused by fat, grease and soap build-ups in drains as they will continue to work as they’re flushed away. The bacteria in Bathroom Cleaner also remove the source of bad odours instead of just masking the odour itself giving you a fresh smelling bathroom for longer and helping keep and nasty smells from pipes and drains at bay.

You can even leave Bathroom Cleaner in plug holes and drains overnight to tackle the really stubborn smells.

If you’ve tried this product before and are back for more, have you considered buying our 3.25-litre refill pack? It saves you money and reduces plastic use.

Wessex Bathroom Cleaner has been designed to simply spray on and wipe off, you can also rinse to leave a smear-free finish.
The bottle also comes with a foaming spray head so the liquid clings to vertical surfaces.
It is 100% biodegradable and natural.


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