FDS1 Fast Drying Solvent

FDS1 – Fast Drying Solvent removes grease, oil, tar, flux deposits and more from metal, plastic and electronics without damaging delicate surfaces.

  • Non-Conductive, safe on electrical contacts
  • Removes mould, grease, tar wax, oils and more
  • Rapid and powerful solvent actions
  • Evaporates fast and leaves no residue


FDS1 Fast Drying Solvent is an effective cleaner which removes grease, flux, ink and dirt from plastic and electronics without any damage and leaving no residue behind.

Even if you spray a piece of paper with FDS1, in moments you won’t be able to tell that it’s had anything on it. Yet it is incredibly effective at removing even wax and tar from delicate surfaces.

FDS1 Fast Drying Solvent will not corrode any metal surfaces and ideal for use when cleaning electrical contacts and equipment as it won’t harm any components and evaporates rapidly leaving no trace behind, just clean, dry components.
It is also a great product for using to clean printers as it will remove printer ink and staining as well as other dust and debris.

Available in both aerosol form for pressurised spraying, and in bulk 5 litre containers for dipping, this can also be put into a pump-up sprayer if larger coverage is required.

Always check a small test area for compatibility before use.

When using aerosols, ensure you shake well before each use, if using the 5 litre, make sure you put the lid back on as soon as you’ve finished pouring to prevent any evaporation of the product.

Further information can be found on the Technical Data sheet and SDS below, full instructions for use can be found on the product labels.


Top Tip – FDS1 can also be used as a spot cleaner on cloth and fabrics to remove grease and sticky marks, simply spray on to the mark, allow to penetrate for a few seconds and then wipe off.
Technical Data Safety Data

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