Boat Wash 100ml

Boat Wash is the perfect solution for cleaning fibreglass hulls on boats and yachts. It effectively removes dirt, grime and grease leaving your hull clean and shining.

Great for use on non-slip decks, metal parts and railings, and teak decks, Boat Wash is highly concentrated, as little as 20 ml into a bucket of water will do an excellent job of cleaning down hulls and leaving them shiny and streak-free.

Boat Wash can also be used as a spot-on spray for quickly removing marks, stains and even birdlime.



Boat Wash 100ml is a fantastic and versatile boat wash which cleans fibreglass hulls and also delivers superb results on non-slip decks, metal parts and railings, and teak decks.
Boat Wash 100ml is also great for use on canopies to remove green spots and general grime caused by air pollution. Once cleaned with Boat Wash, use our Canopy Cleaner to improve the appearance of the canopy even more and to protect it from the elements for an extended period.

Our boat wash easily removes scum marks on hulls, black streaks and bird lime and it is highly dilutable so delivers great value for money. The water-based mixture is fully biodegradable and so can be used for cleaning your boat in and out of the water.

If spot cleaning, simply spray on to the affected area, gently agitate to create a foam and then rinse off. For stubborn marks and hardened bird lime, leave to soak for a few minutes to soften and then rinse.

For washing down large areas such as hulls and decks, spray any stubborn marks and then dilute Boat Wash with up to 600 parts water into a bucket or similar (approx 20-30 ml of product into a standard bucket), if possible use warm water as this improves the performance of the product.

Did you know that you can buy Boat Wash in 5-litre containers so you can refill your spray bottle whenever it’s running low?

Refill – Reuse – Reduce – Recycle


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