Easy DIY Pack

Save over £15.00 on these fantastic products, and get your vessel cleaned up and ship-shape with some of our best-sellers:

Further information, including SDS and Technical Data for each product can be found using the links above.
Take advantage of this offer to get excellent, professional products for a bargain price.


Boat Wash

Boat Wash is the perfect solution for cleaning fibreglass hulls on boats and yachts. It effectively removes dirt, grime and grease leaving your hull clean and shining.

Great for use on non-slip decks, metal parts and railings, and teak decks, Boat Wash is highly concentrated, as little as 20 ml into a bucket of water will do an excellent job of cleaning down hulls and leaving them shiny and streak-free.

Boat Wash can also be used as a spot-on spray for quickly removing marks, stains and even birdlime.


750 ml

Low Foam Deck Wash

Our super biodegradable Low Foam Deck Wash has been specially formulated to effectively clean difficult surfaces.

  • Removes black rubber marks
  • Designed for use on safety flooring
  • Safe in grey water tanks
  • Super concentrated

Is your vessel in need of a bit of TLC? This Easy DIY Pack will save you time, money and help you get the job done right.
If you’re getting ready to get your boat out of the water for a winter rest, or you just want to do some maintenance before going out and about again, these easy to use products will help you out with the mucky jobs, saving you time and with this pack, saving money too!

These 3 great products are perfect for those tricky jobs which make a huge difference:

Hull & Waterline Cleaner – 1-Litre

If you’ve got rust, scale or other staining around the waterline of your boat, our Hull & Waterline Cleaner will get rid of it in no time. Fast-acting and non-fuming, simply brush on, leave for a few minutes and then rinse off.

Boat Wash – 750-ml

Every boat needs a wash down every now and then. Our boat wash removes scum marks, black streaks, salt deposits and bird lime, leaving your hull shiny and streak-free.

Low Foam Deck Wash – 500-ml

This amazingly versatile product is great for cleaning boat decks, including safety flooring. It removes dirt, grime and rubber marks, leaving the surface streak-free. It is also safe in grey water tanks and 100% biodegradable.


Pick up an Easy DIY Pack today and save yourself some time and money.

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