Hull White

Our Hull White formula is an effective gel for removing yellow/brown stains from fibreglass leaving boat and yacht hulls clean and bright.

  • Removes yellow staining
  • No hard scrubbing
  • Won’t damage gel coat
  • Gel form stays in place



Hull White is a fibreglass whitening gel, which removes stubborn staining. It can be used on any fibreglass surface which has become discoloured through age and weathering and it is also great at removing light staining  on the waterlines of boats. For heavier staining, scale and rust marks, please see our Hull and Waterline Cleaner.

As Hull White is a gel, it stays where you apply it, even on vertical surfaces, meaning it can stay in contact with the surface for a longer period of time. It’s so easy to use, simply coat the area which needs cleaning, leave for 30-60 minutes and remove with a hose, brush or pressure washer. Once clean and white you can apply polish as usual.

Did you know?

Hull White’s cleaning power is based on Oxalic Acid, an acid commonly found in nature, best known for producing that ‘tangy’ taste in Rhubarb. Although  it is a naturally occurring acid, that does not mean it isn’t harmful. Oxalic Acid in it’s pure form is no longer available to buy by members of the public as it it is covered by the Explosives Precursors and Poisons Regulations (EPP), If a member of the public sought to purchase pure Oxalic Acid they would need to produce an EPP licence.

As we have produced Hull White with a percentage of Oxalic Acid lower than the threshold, it is safe to sell to both members of the public and trade without the requirement of a license.


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