Teak Renovator (Part 2)

Wessex Teak Cleaner & Teak Renovator (2 part system) has been designed specifically for cleaning teak wood on boat decks and teak furniture in the home or garden. Our Teak Renovator (part 2) brings the colour back to look like new teak after cleaning with our Teak Cleaner (part 1).



Wessex Chemical Factors two part Teak Cleaning process includes a Teak Cleaner (part one) and a Teak Renovator (part two). Both products are suitable for use on teak boat decks, teak garden furniture, teak decking and other teak wood items. It is also safe to use on other hard woods but we would recommend a small test are is done first on any wood other than teak.

The Wessex teak cleaning process is designed to be easy, efficient and quick to use. Compared with traditional sanding, Wessex Teak Cleaner can dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to bring old, weathered teak wood back to its original colour.

The two stage process is pretty straightforward, and each part is used in the same way, click here to see the full instructions (this will open a new web page). If cleaning a teak deck, we have found that the best results are achieved when working in sections of approximately 1m², that way a uniform result can be achieved as there will be no danger of drying out between rinsing.

Excellent results are easily achieved with Wessex Teak Cleaner & Renovator. Our best selling marine product is popular across the world and is widely considered the best product on the market – anywhere!

For more extensive information on the products, including reviews, instructions for use and a picture gallery, please visit our site: www.teakcleaner.co.uk.


If you’d like to protect your teak after you’ve cleaned it but don’t fancy an oil or stain, try our Teak Treat. It won’t change the appearance of the wood but will help to maintain an protect the surface for up to 2 years, including keeping green and black mould spores at bay.

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At Flexisail we maintained our fleet of boats to a very high standard. Wessex Teak Renovator and Cleaner was our ‘go to product’ which enabled us to keep the teak decking and rails looking like new. With a fleet of 18 boats, that’s a lot of teak to keep looking lovely!  

Paul Joynson, Flexisail

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