R500 Rustbuster

R500 Rustbuster will protect tools and blades from the elements and prevent rust forming. A great product for any workshop or tool shed. this rustbusting toolkit in a can  protects and maintains cutting tools, blades, machinery and other tools.

  • Penetrates and loosens rusted components
  • Drives out water from metal surfaces
  • Lubricates to prevent squeaking
  • Protects mechanisms and equipment from rusting


R500 Rustbuster is a toolkit in a can that protects and maintains machinery, mechanisms, and metal parts, leaving a lubricating film which prevents rusting.

It will also penetrate and loosen rusted components, lubricate to prevent squeaking, and, being solvent-based, R500 will evaporate and leave behind a protective film to guard against corrosion.

To free up seized and rusted components, simply spray on to the area, leave to penetrate to a few minutes and then loosen the component. Very stubborn or badly seized parts may require a second application.

When using as a regular maintenance products, simply spray on to the area required and leave in place, the solvents will evaporate and leave a protective film in place, your components will then be protected from further corrosion and rusting.

R500 Rustbuster is also available from our other site in a 5 litre bulk container as Rustbuster.

Technical Data Safety Data
Purchased to free off seized components - great product! We use other Wessex products in our Marine trade and again, great products!     5 star rating, Trustpilot  

West Marine - R500 spray

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