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Steri-Clean / VB-20 is a powerful cleaner and sanitiser which has been proven to be effective at just 1% against COVID – 19. Steri-Clean / VB20 has passed BS EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 for viruses under ‘dirty’ conditions and BS EN 1276:2019, using Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms, in ‘dirty’ conditions, this means that even on a dirty surface, our product will still kill viruses and bacteria.

At just 1 % dilution, 1 litre of concentrate makes up to 100 litres of ready to use product.

Tested against various enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, including COVID -19, Influenza A, Hepatitis B, C & D and, bacteria including E. Coli, S. Aureus and more. Steri-Clean / VB20 killed all the viruses at a dilution of just 1% (10ml per litre of water).  Full test results can be found below.

Steri-Clean / VB-20 is not just effective against viruses and bacteria but is also an excellent cleaner. Again at just a 1% dilution, it lifts dirt and grease from hard surfaces leaving them smear-free, clean and safe to use. It will not harm any surface which is not normally affected by water and can even be used as a vehicle wash. For really heavy soiling, the product can be diluted between 2 and 10% (20 ml – 100 ml of product per 1 litre of water)

Available as a concentrate in a 1-litre bottle, with a dosing measure. We also provide a 1-litre spray bottle to dilute the product into. This means that for just £24.99 you get enough product to refill the spray bottle provided up to 100 times.

Steri-Clean / VB-20 is also great for use on hard to clean surfaces such a safety flooring and gangways which have non-slip surfaces.

Using Steri-Clean / VB-20 means you only need 1 product to make surfaces clean and virus free.

Test Results
SteriClean BS EN 1276 2019
SteriClean BS EN 14476 2013 + A2 2019


Further information can be found in the technical data sheet and SDS below, we also have the SDS Available Here for a 1% dilution should you need it.



Technical Data Safety Data

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