Blue Bio Clear Toilet Fluid – Product Bundle

Each bundle includes

This CLEAR version of our popular eco-friendly Blue Bio toilet fluid. Clear Blue Bio is suitable for boats, yachts, caravans, motorhomes and all other portable toilets.

Blue Bio Clear, Bathroom Cleaner and Odour Eliminator are all eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and made with non-toxic ingredients, dealing with dirt naturally!




Blue Bio Clear Toilet Fluid

New refillable, space-saving 500 ml bottle which contains up to 25 doses and a 3.25-litre refill which contains up to 160 doses!
Buy both together at just £32.99 , costing you less than 16 pence per dose!

Cost per dose per bottle*:

  • 500 ml  £0.36 pence
  • 3.25 litre £0.19 pence
  • Multipack less than £0.18 pence

A new CLEAR version of our popular eco-friendly Blue Bio toilet fluid. Clear Blue Bio is suitable for boats, yachts, caravans, motorhomes and all other portable toilets.



Bathroom Cleaner

Multi-purpose bathroom cleaner, the perfect solution for cleaning all areas of your bathroom.  Use in caravans, motorhomes, boats and at home to leave your bathroom fresh and clean.

Cleans, descales and breaks down greases and soap deposits on all hard surfaces using naturally occurring, 100% biodegradable ingredients.

Odour Eliminator

Odour eliminator is a great product for covering and removing offensive odours completely naturally’
It works by breaking down the cause of the odour using bacteria and removing it's source safely and in an entirely environmentally-friendly way.


Blue Bio Clear toilet fluid is a new generation, multi-purpose, CLEAR toilet fluid primarily for cassette/waste tanks and flush tanks in caravans, motorhomes, boats and portable camping toilets. It is also suitable for use in septic tanks, boat holding tanks and grey water tanks.

If you’d rather have a blue toilet fluid, then check out the page for Blue Bio, it’s the same product but with a food-safe blue dye added.

We have made it multi-purpose so you can use it in the waste and flush tank, holding tank, grey water tank and septic tank avoiding the need to buy multiple, separate products and saving both money and valuable storage space. Blue Bio Clear toilet fluid is effective at cleaning the flush tank, keeping it mould and limescale free. We have made this new version clear to ensure that there is no risk of staining while still delivering the same effective formula. Oh, and it smells nice too.
We’ve now put Blue Bio Clear into a handy dosing bottle, so you can dose your tanks accurately, with less fuss and mess and you will get loads of doses out of just one bottle. With the new packaging, it’s even more space-saving in the small 500 ml refillable bottle and this means less waste as the 500ml bottle can be used time and time again as you can purchase the 3.25 litre to top up whenever you need to. Save space, packaging and money.

Blue Bio Clear toilet fluid works with mother nature to breakdown waste whether it’s in your caravan, motorhome, boat or in the sewage plant. It is formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and biocide-free (harmful substances contained in many toilet fluids) and works with natural bacteria to breakdown sewage. This greatly reduces its impact on the environment and brings disposal costs down (associated with chemical disposal). It’s non-hazardous and 100% biodegradable, making it the friendly chemical toilet fluid that works!


* Cost per dose calculated on our standard RRP and does not include any special offers or discounts.

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