Multi-Surface Biocidal Cleaner

Highly Concentrated – up to 16 refills.

This new product is perfect for cleaning all surfaces and is food safe as well as effective at getting rid of germs!

  • Bleach-free
  • Emulsifies, Cleans and Sterilises
  • Safe on all surfaces not-affected by water
  • Safe to use in food environments
  • Dissolves animal fats, proteins and grease


Multi-Surface Biocidal Cleaner is a brilliant cleaning solution for many surfaces and comes in two forms, a ready-to-use version in a 750 ml spray bottle and a highly-concentrated version in a 3.25 litre bottle.

Once diluted down to it’s ready to use form, this super multi-surface cleaner is highly effective at cleaning surfaces, removing grease, dirt, stains and general grime, it’s triple action formulation emulsifies, cleans and sterilises all at once leaving surfaces clean and safe.

Due to it’s emulsifying capabilities, this formula holds the dirt and grease particles in suspension which prevents them settling in pipework and drains helping to keep waterways free-flowing and preventing blockages.

Multi-Surface Biocidal Cleaner is also bleach free with no noxious odour so is very pleasant to use. It can be used as a general cleaner for floors, walls, paintwork, work surfaces, food prep areas, tables and anywhere requiring a clean and sterile surface. As it’s name suggests it contains biocides which are highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses.

So easy to use, simply spray on and then wipe off with a clean cloth. You can also use it with a mop or a floor scrubber machine or similar.

Did you know – with the 3.25 litre concentrate you can refill your bottle up to 16 times.

To refill your spray bottle, pour 200 ml of concentrate in to one of our 750ml spray bottles, top up with water and you’re ready to go!

For mopping, add 200 ml or concentrate to your bucket.

For machines, refer to manufacturers instructions.

Top Tip – if you’re looking for a product which is approved to kill COVID-19, then check out Stericlean VB-20.


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