SeaSmart Refill Pouches

Seasmart Advanced is a new biological odour control for marine toilets compatible with Seasmart devices. It’s environmentally friendly which means it is suitable for use across the UK and Europe. The friendly bacteria deal with the smell and the added citric acid means that it also breaks down scale in pipework!


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Have you ever gone back onto your boat after a few days away and been hit with a foul smell from your marine toilet? Well you are not alone! The reason for the smell is that river and sea water are full of micro-organisms which once inside the inlet pipe are starved of oxygen and light. As a result they die and decompose and can produce a strong, rather unpleasant odour!

Here at Wessex, we have a solution! Seasmart Advanced is an environmentally friendly, effective odour control for marine toilets, compatible with the Seasmart device. Our formula is biologically, meaning it contains friendly bacteria which consume short chain ‘smelly’ molecules literally destroying the smell (rather than simply masking it with a perfume) and the only by products of this process are carbon dioxide and water, making it an excellent ‘green’ choice for those who are passionate about the environment. Not only that but it contains citric acid, natures own virus killer and it also helps to prevent the build-up of scale and other mineral deposits!

At Wessex we have taken over the manufacturing and sale of Seasmart pouches and if you would like to know more, why not check out our FAQ’s

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